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Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant Talks Style & Gives Fashion Advice With Teen Vogue

"Kevin Durant’s Progressive fashion sense has caught the attention of the youth, as Teen Vogue features the NBA scoring machine in a one-on-one interview with Fashion director Jane Keltner de Valle strictly talking..umm.. fashion, duh, leaving the basketball chat to ESPN. Kevin discusses his infamous backpack trend,his geek-chic eyewear, favorite designers, and also gave fashion advice in different scenarios, (game day, date, weekend)on how he likes his women dressed." READ FULL ARTICLE


Inside the NBA's New Style Wars

"For many of these guys, that's the biggest barrier: Not one designer in the industry—not one—is thinking six feet nine, 235, with a plus wingspan when determining next season's look. Another is functionality: NBA players sweat for a living. They're most comfortable in workout clothes, because that's where they live. Until last season, Durant was that guy. Then he was approached after a game by Regi Puckett, an enterprising stylist in Chicago, who told him he could push his look beyond the schoolboy knapsack-with-the-safety-strap gimmick he made famous during the previous year's playoffs. Now Durant can screen-grab a picture of a peacoat or a pair of slacks that he sees in a magazine or a blog and send it to Puckett, who will get the piece constructed to Durantula proportions." READ FULL ARTICLE